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Evolutionvet is the ideal veterinary software for all professionals in the veterinary medical sector and in the field outpatient and clinical-hospital. Read more


SKILLS-CURRICULA is one of the most advanced platforms for evaluation of talents and human resources. Read more


Metis is a business management software platform available in PaaS mode via API with microservices architecture. Read more


GEO - Order Management is one of the most advanced platforms for management of related commercial and production processes to the provision of consultancy and project management services. Read more


Claims Refunds is a product for the complete management of cases relating to reimbursements of the insurance branches. Read more

Skills Team

The Skills Team system is able to select all resources necessary for the execution of a project, completely automatic. Read more

Patient Locator

Patient Locator is a system for tracking and monitoring of a patient within a health facility, through the use of hypoallergenic personal bracelets with RFID technology. Read more


Smart EOS is a management platform for companies. Versatile, modular and customizable. Complete and intuitive web software. Read more